Dr. Angelique Grant, Senior Consultant and Vice President at ALG, is quoted in The Chronicle of Philanthropy discussing the imbalance of power in philanthropy and how communities and nonprofits are more vocally calling for inclusion, transparency, and accountability in the sector.

She highlights the importance of conducting diversity, equity, and inclusion audits and assessments so that grantmaking and nonprofit organizations can bring to light the honest attitudes of staff and constituents. Equipped with those insights, they can move from awareness to productive action.

Read an excerpt from Dr. Grant and explore the full article on The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Often, however, organizations overestimate how included those they serve and employ really feel in the mission. A diversity audit can help bring those true feelings to light, says Grant at the Aspen Leadership Group.


Grant leads these audits and says it’s essential that nonprofits focus on equity and inclusion — not just diversity. “If you have an organization [where] no one feels included or a sense of belonging or wanting to be there, it doesn’t matter how diverse you are,” she said.


It helps to have a third-party facilitate conversations with employees and illuminate features of the organization’s culture. Peer organizations can also be useful guides in this process, she says.


“Once you’ve identified whatever the obstacles are, it sets you up for moving from awareness to action,” Grant said.

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