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Diversity Partnership FAQ's

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What exactly is the Diversity Partnership?

The diversity partnership is a unique joint effort between Aspen Leadership Group and five institutions that was created to develop a career pipeline for diverse and nontraditional advancement candidates.  In essence, our goal is to provide talented diverse professionals the opportunity to excel with institutions that recognize, appreciate and support professional diversity.

Why should I apply?

You should apply if you would like to explore employment at one of the partner institutions.  You should also consider applying if you are interested in having a conversation about your career and receive guidance on next steps based on your background, experience and aspirations. Regardless of where you are professionally, we believe you can succeed in philanthropy because of who you are.

Why should I apply through ALG rather than directly to one of the partner institutions?

Our partner institutions chose to work with Aspen Leadership Group because we are a firm that specializes in building careers, not just making job placements. Our consultants are all experienced advancement leaders with decades of experience in fundraising. We offer personalized advice, career coaching, and are here to assist you in thinking about and achieving your professional aspirations. When you apply to one of our partner organizations directly, you are only applying for one position. When you apply through us, you will be considered for numerous opportunities over a period of time as they become available. We will alert you of opportunities, advocate for your candidacy and present you in a way that reflects your aspirations – the way only other advancement professionals can. In essence, you will have curated access to the institution and a partner in your career, and we can advocate for you as a candidate.

How can I participate?

Just click on the institution of interest, complete a career profile and upload your resume.  Cover letters are optional.

Can I apply to multiple institutions?

Yes.  ALG will coordinate and monitor your candidacy if you are interested in multiple institutions.

Why are these institutions involved?

The Diversity Partnership was created to change the status quo. Our goal is to impact the overall attractiveness of the profession and help build a truly diverse workforce. ALG wanted to work with Diversity Champions and these institutions value diversity and understand the ROI of having a diverse team. They are top-ranked universities that have committed to more than just wishing, but doing.

Additionally, each of our partners has an experienced talent management team offering holistic and comprehensive onboarding programs for new hires, in-house training programs, annual one-on-one career mapping plans, as well as professional development and opportunities for internal promotion.

What jobs are available at these institutions?

Each institution hires numerous advancement professionals year-round; some institutions hire as many as 60-100 annually. If you apply through ALG’s Diversity Partnership program, your candidacy will be considered for current and future positions. Positions include front-line fundraising (i.e. major gift officers, corporate foundation relations, planned giving, etc.), marketing, communications, alumni relations, advancement services, strategic planning, operations, annual giving, leadership gifts, and many more. They will include positions at all levels, from associate vice president and executive director to directors of development, major gift officers and associate directors, just to name a few.

What levels of experience are you looking for in this program? 

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an entry level candidate, we encourage you to participate.

What is the process and timeline?

After you complete a profile and upload your resume, ALG will screen your materials.  Next the institution will follow up with you within 5 business days regarding their current and upcoming professional opportunities. 

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