Nationwide executive search and consulting for leaders in the social profit sector: higher education, arts and culture, health care, and social services.
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To enhance the essential contributions made to society by leaders in higher education, arts and culture, health care, social services, and foundations.

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Drawing on decades of experience in leadership positions and extensive national professional networks, our consultants identify, situate, and support leaders as members of strategic teams, rather than in isolated positions.

Valued thought partnership, improved fundraising, faster searches, and stronger placements.

Ron Schiller

Ron Schiller, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant, is a nationally recognized advisor to presidents and boards and an expert in the leadership of social profit organizations. His 23-year career in fundraising included 17 years as a member of executive leadership teams, and he has served on boards of social profit organizations for more than 25 years.

Since 2011, he has focused his attention on executive search and consulting in areas related to financial stability and growth, including fundraising, strategic planning, financial planning, governance, and executive leadership.
His book, The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising, was released in October, 2013.

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  • Ted Snyder and Camilla Smith
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  • Kate Lunde and Sam Brown
  • Josh Romalis and Don Randel

Our associates and advisors bring diverse perspectives, helping us think creatively and expansively about how best to recruit, advise, and support today's leaders and emerging leaders.

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"As a consultant to institutions and their leaders, no one could be better."  Don Randel, President Emeritus, University of Chicago and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation