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With a focus on careers rather than on isolated jobs, we build productive and enduring relationships with individuals pursuing careers in philanthropy. With ALG as your career partner, you can explore the widest array of advancement and fundraising leadership roles across the country. At the same time, you will receive support from ALG’s team of experienced advancement leaders serving as peers, mentors, and connectors. We treat all candidates with dignity and respect, not as merely numbers in a pool.

We established the ALG Community as a gathering place for existing and emerging leaders in philanthropy to advance their own careers and those of the teams they lead. It is an inclusive network where professionals at every stage in their career from all sectors and backgrounds can access career opportunities, mentorship, best practices, and important trends in effective management and fundraising. We aspire to improve the strength of our sector as a whole, build toward the future of philanthropy, and create sustained, meaningful impact for the organizations and causes we support.

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    We care about making great matches between great candidates and great organizations. Create a free and confidential profile with the Philanthropy Career Network and tell us about your career experience, goals and aspirations, and priorities in your next move.

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    Explore our numerous Open Searches at any time. When you join the ALG community, you will receive ongoing updates on new opportunities from around the country, as well as outreach from our consultants about roles that potentially match your unique experience.

  • Get Support from the First Interview to Your First Day

    Our consultants have hired numerous advancements teams. We offer advice on how to craft an effective resume, prepare to excel in interviews, and ask questions to make informed decisions if you receive an offer. We follow up on your first day and in your first months to offer ongoing support as you start your next chapter.

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Diversity Talent Partnership

  • Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

    ALG is proud to partner with several leading institutions in a groundbreaking talent management effort to enhance the professional growth and career success of current and aspiring advancement professionals from diverse, under-represented, and non-traditional backgrounds.

  • Learn More About Our Diversity Partners

    Learn more about the University of Florida, Brown University, William & Mary, The Ohio State University, and University of Texas at Austin and their commitment to recruiting and retaining diverse and inclusive teams.

From the Blog

Tips and Resources for Candidates

Making the Case for Your Candidacy

Our team has found that applicants who build a strong case for their candidacy are often the most successful in advancing in the search process. In the same way that fundraisers leverage relationship management skills and a tailored strategy to each engagement, candidates should apply those principles to each job application. ALG’s search management team offers candid advice to candidates so that they can build their strongest case and increase their chances of securing rewarding roles.

Inside Philanthropy: Coming Into Fundraising From Another Profession

Nnontraditional candidates often think their experience and skills are obvious, and as a result, fail to adequately explain how their professional experience makes them qualified to raise money. “A lot of people say, ‘I did sales, so I can do this,’ but you have to connect the dots” more explicitly for organizations hiring fundraisers, Michael Vann, Vice President for Search Management says. “They want their own language repeated back to them,” he says. They want to hear about specific responsibilities a would-be fundraiser held in previous jobs and how that will make the candidate successful in building relationships and securing gifts.

Inside Philanthropy – Help Wanted: How to Remove Barriers to Hiring Fundraisers From Other Fields

“Unwillingness on the part of the fundraising profession to pay attention to transferable skills has not only diminished the pipeline of talent, but also diminished success in objectives for the profession to become more diverse,” says Ron Schiller of Aspen Leadership Group. “We’re missing out on plenty of people with strong skills and relevant passion who could put those skills to work for something that matters deeply to them.”

11 Steps to Prepare Yourself to Launch a New Job Search Right Now

The loss of revenue, the increase of unexpected expenses, and for some the decreased value of endowments due to coronavirus have left many nonprofits scrambling to make payroll. Unfortunately, the options to correct the financial challenges may include cutting salaries, furloughing staff, and laying off staff members. Aspen Leadership Group is one of the few search firms in the country offering free career counseling to nonprofit and advancement professionals and we offer 11 tips based on conversations and personal experience to help those affected prepare for their next job search.

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