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Gender Matters A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy

New research shows women are the drivers of their families’ philanthropic decisions. Women give more than men—and when they give, they give differently.
In this new book, Kathleen Loehr focuses on the specific individual, team and organizational adaptations necessary to increase philanthropic support from women. Loehr breaks through ingrained fundraising behaviors and blind spots that are preventing fundraising teams from reaching new levels of growth in women’s philanthropy. Designed as a catalyst for changing behavior, Loehr makes a compelling case that focusing on women donors gets results.

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Raising Your Organization's Largest Gifts

For most organizations, the giving decisions of a small number of philanthropic partners determine the organization's overall scale of accomplishment and extent of mission fulfillment. Framed another way, most organizations find that a very small number of donors provide the largest and most impactful philanthropic gifts. Accordingly, this book argues that while organizational leaders must of course fulfill varied responsibilities for engaging all donors, they should be particularly intentional about allocating time, energy and other resources in a disciplined effort focused on that small group of potential philanthropic partners who are in a position to provide transformative gifts. With full appreciation for the need to engage thousands of constituents in meaningful ways, this book urges that every organization create a principal gift program focused on 40 potential individual and institutional donors.

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Belief and Confidence

Nonprofit professionals rarely ask, and donors rarely discuss, how a giving experience compared to other giving experiences, and how they come to decisions about the few organizations with which they form their deepest philanthropic partnerships. Incorporating the words of serial philanthropists donors who have made large gifts multiple times and to a variety of organizations, this book describes the factors that set donors most satisfying and, in their view, successful transformational and major giving experiences apart. Belief and Confidence is written for philanthropically minded individuals and families and for all current and emerging nonprofit leaders who want to experience the joy and satisfaction of engaging with philanthropists and supporting their work.

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The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising

In the past two decades, largely in response to greater demand and competition for fundraising revenue, the responsibilities and corresponding required competencies of chief development officers (CDOs) have evolved. Today’s CDOs play senior, strategic leadership roles in their organizations. The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising is a guide to those preparing for the role of CDO and to those charged with selecting, appointing, and supporting CDOs. It includes nine chapters, each presenting a role beyond frontline fundraising and fundraising program management in which today’s successful CDO excels. The immediate goal of this book is to foster better ‘marriages’ between leaders and organizations, supporting an ultimate goal of continued health and growth of nonprofit organizations and the essential contributions they make to a civil society.

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