The world has shifted dramatically in the first weeks of March 2020 and we at Aspen Leadership Group are taking steps to help protect our clients, candidates, and team members. Our primary goal continues to be keeping our ALG community members as safe as possible, and a secondary goal has emerged – to support our community in navigating this difficult time as you continue to do searches, work with your donors and volunteers, and manage increasingly virtual teams.

To that end we are drawing on our entire team to bring you resources on how to adapt to this quickly changing environment. Our team is made up of leaders who have spent years in emergency response organizations or as chief advancement officers during past turbulent times. Our company was started as a virtual team and we conduct the majority of our interactions using video conferencing, so we can also share with you our best practices to connect virtually, yet still personally, with donors and volunteers, candidates, and staff members. This page will continuously be updated with resources from our team and examples from other organizations.


If we can be helpful in other aspects of work that you are grappling with, we’re only an email or phone call away. If you are grappling with something, others likely are too. I’m confident we have a team member or member of our larger network who can help you, and through that exchange we’ll create more tools for this resource hub.

Above all, we wish you, your colleagues, and your family members good health and continued safety.
Ron Schiller
Founding Partner and Senior Consultant
Aspen Leadership Group

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