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Onboarding Executive Coaching for the
New Fundraising leader

The Aspen Leadership Group offers a special program of executive coaching for newly placed Chief Development Officers, Executive Directors, and CEOs. The success of new fundraising leaders depends on their ability to move fully and quickly into their new roles. A focused program, provided by experienced executive coaches who have also served in multiple CDO and CEO roles, enables the new leader to hit the ground running with support in the form of mentoring, counsel, and confidential feedback.

 The ALG approach

Our executive coaching consultants have all held fundraising leadership roles at one or more institutions. They bring to the table decades of experience working with boards, institutional leadership, volunteers, and professional staff. A major objective of the coaching program is to strengthen a new fundraising leader’s capability and confidence in the range of roles required for success—including, but well beyond, success working with donors. Beginning with a review of current competencies, and drawing on lessons from 60 successful fundraising leaders included in Ron Schiller’s book The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising, ALG and the new fundraising leader will create a set of objectives for the coaching period. As they arise, specific challenges can also be addressed in a timely, confidential setting.

 Outcomes you can expect

  • Faster and more complete transition into a new leadership role
  • Assistance in identifying and focusing on early wins in a new role
  • Ability to call upon experienced fundraising leaders and respond to challenges as they arise
  • A framework for understanding the many complex roles and responsibilities of fundraising leaders that go beyond fundraising but are critical to success

For more information, contact:

Susan Faraone
Senior Consultant