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Christina Chang, prior to her current position as a race and equity consultant based in Seattle, headed the Finance, Talent & Administration teams for University of Washington Advancement for 15 years, with responsibility for the stewardship of Advancement’s people, finances, and space. To prepare for the 10-year $5B “Boundless” Campaign, Christina and her team helped to build the organization from 348 FTE to 613 FTE.

At UW, Christina initiated a race-conscious strategy for the Advancement Talent Management program that is today considered a best practice organization amongst peers. She has been invited to speak about building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work culture at universities and other nonprofit organizations across the country.

She has served on the faculty for the CASE Minority Advancement Institute, as chair of CASE’s Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership, as chair of CASE’s Strategic Talent Management Conference, and as a presenter at CASE Summit.

Christina has two decades of experience in higher education administration and is committed to transforming institutional culture and policy with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity. She is pleased to contribute to and expand upon ALG’s work in this area, and she describes her decision to move into a consulting role as follows:

So many in this country are forced to leave parts of themselves behind when they go out into the world, because of the color of their skin. I have come to this realization late, so I feel an urgency to do my part to dismantle systems that don’t allow for every person to have a true sense of belonging. Belonging is a basic human desire and, I believe, a human right. Imagine a world where (as Dr. Brittany Cooper says), everyone has the “audacity to live their authentic truth.” My life’s work is to help build cultures and environments where every individual can live their authentic truth.

Christina graduated from Georgetown University and holds a master’s degree in public administration from American University.

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