Search, Talent, and Training Services that Transform Fundraising

The landscape for philanthropy is changing, and at the same time, demands for fundraising revenue continue to increase. Aspen Leadership Group (ALG) supports exceptional careers in philanthropy, helping fundraising leaders see the horizon and recruit, train, and inspire diverse, inclusive, and high-performing teams.

Our executive search services and leader-to-leader consulting focus on building a team and a culture that enable an organization to engage all of its potential donors and volunteers and to raise the largest possible gifts. We empower nonprofit teams to change approaches and behaviors and drive unprecedented results.

We Help Nonprofit Teams Drive Results

In partnership with our clients, we find extraordinary talent and build healthy cultures of philanthropy, in which the C-Suite, executive teams, advancement staff, board members, and constituents:


Understand their individual roles and collective responsibilities related to fundraising and engagement

Believe in a collective vision

Share values and demonstrate high levels of belief and confidence in each other’s vision, strategy, and capacity

Foster inclusion

Present and welcome diverse backgrounds and perspectives, fostering a culture of inclusion and meaningfully connecting with the largest possible number of constituents

Partner to achieve impact

Embrace donors and volunteers as essential partners in creating the organization’s future and in achieving shared objectives for impact on society

Our Services

Executive Search

Retained search, talent scouting, and grow-your-own coaching

Executive Coaching and Strategic Partnership

Executive coaching and strategic thought partnership for CEOs, CDOs, and other fundraising and engagement leaders

Talent Management Solutions

Retreat facilitation and organizational alignment workshops, program and team structure appraisals, strategic and operational planning, professional development and training

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Diversity audits and assessments, design and implementation of hiring programs, inclusion and retention strategies, unconscious bias and DE&I training tailored for advancement teams, and inclusive fundraising and engagement practices

Raising Your Largest Gifts

Establishing and strengthening principal gifts programs, creating a culture of philanthropic partnership, meeting donors as they prefer

Women’s Philanthropy

Review of research and trends in women’s giving, training on women’s philanthropic preferences, workshops to design adaptations to grow women’s philanthropy

What Makes Us Different

We are a true partner dedicated to supporting advancement teams and their careers. We work leader to leader, offering team, talent, and culture solutions.

Focused on philanthropy

All of our resources are focused on the nonprofit sector.

Tested and trusted

We handle more advancement searches than any other firm.

The most extensive networks

Our principals and partners have built relationships with nonprofit leaders over decades. These networks open doors to top candidates and nominators.

Comprised of experienced leaders

We come to the table with firsthand experience working with boards and leadership teams that allows for robust exchange of ideas for search and strategy.

Rooted in relationships

We form enduring and productive relationships with current and aspiring fundraising leaders of all experience levels and backgrounds, and we support their goals long-term.

Committed to diversity and inclusion

We live out our values. We are cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in our own company and in partnership with our clients and the individuals we serve.

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