Supporting exceptional careers in philanthropy


At the Aspen Leadership Group, we believe that an organization’s capacity to reflect and respond to the rich diversity of our society profoundly impacts its ability to fulfill its mission. Accordingly, we are committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in our own company and in partnership with our clients and the individuals we serve.


Do you want to be part of a community of highly skilled leaders, and at an organization that values your diversity?

Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with several leading institutions in a groundbreaking talent management effort to enhance the professional growth and career success of current and aspiring advancement professionals from diverse, under-represented, and non-traditional backgrounds.

These institutions are committed not only to hiring diverse candidates, but to supporting you as well, with comprehensive onboarding and training programs, as well as one-on-one career mapping plans, career resources, and growth opportunities. And they are hiring! 


  • Welcoming under-represented as well as aspiring advancement professionals into supportive and empowering conversations about their career aspirations, and into specific conversations about building careers in philanthropy;
  • Recruiting and retaining advancement teams that allows each partner university to reflect and respond to the diversity of that institution’s student body, alumni body, donors, potential donors, and other key constituents essential to success in advancement efforts;
  • Creating an environment in which staff members from diverse backgrounds receive the support they need to succeed in their positions, grow professionally, and thrive personally;
  • Providing onboarding and mentoring to recruited candidates that supports their integration into advancement teams and assists those teams in realizing the full potential contribution of each new team member; and
  • Regularly communicating among partner institutions; amplifying opportunities, best practices and learning from the partnership; and engaging with others in the advancement profession who share our commitment to building highly successful practices in recruitment, onboarding, mentoring, and retention of diverse teams.



A. Philanda Moore

"As a candidate that was recently placed in a new role as an Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement Affinity Groups at the University of Oregon, I am grateful for the opportunity afforded by a national Diversity Talent Program.

As someone transitioning into Development with limited work experience in the industry, the Aspen Leadership Group stuck with me and helped me find the right opportunity that matched my skill level, interest, and expertise. I genuinely felt supported specifically by Dr. Angelique Grant as I went through the entire process, in addition to my new colleagues at the University of Oregon.  There were four outstanding institutions to choose from and I'm just thrilled that the University of Oregon believed in me and what I can contribute to this dynamic team. The ALG treated my candidacy just as significantly as the institutional clients they serve.

Most important, ALG’s commitment to provide opportunities to people of diverse backgrounds is on the vanguard of current practices in executive search and especially on the opportunities and challenges faced within the higher education and nonprofit sector. I am greatly appreciative of my relationship with ALG and the Diversity Talent Partnership and feel honored knowing they played a vital part in my new burgeoning career as a Development/Advancement Professional."

-A. Philanda Moore, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement, University of Oregon


Aspen Leadership Group welcomes nonprofit institutions to partner with us to recruit, support, and retain diverse talent, including organizations in higher education, healthcare, and arts and culture, as well as community services and membership organizations, foundations, institutes, NGOs and more.  For more information or if your organization is interested in becoming a partner, contact Angelique Grant.

“We are pleased to partner with Aspen Leadership Group to recruit a more diverse group of
outstanding applicants. Our colleagues are the most valuable asset we have at the University
of Michigan, and attracting, developing, and retaining talent that brings diversity of thought,
experience, background and skills is essential to success. Our partnership with ALG will help
spread the word about our values and principles and ensure that we are positioned to build an
even stronger organization that can challenge the present and enrich the future.”
Jerry May
Vice President for Development
University of Michigan

“It is high time for our industry to make a sincere effort in improving our diversity. At the
University of Oregon we are deeply committed to making real change and to broaden our
awareness, understanding and inclusiveness in building that diversity. We are pleased to
partner with the Aspen Leadership Group as one component of this effort. Diversity requires
taking risks and pushing for change. We have already seen the fruits of this partnership and
look forward to even more success together.”
Mike Andreasen
Vice President for Advancement
University of Oregon

“We have been inspired to take “collaborative, accelerated action” by embarking on a
groundbreaking partnership with ALG with the explicit intention of bringing diverse,
nontraditional applicants to our candidate pools. The UW has formalized our commitment to
empower individuals from underrepresented communities in their pursuit of a successful
career in Advancement. I am confident that our partnership with ALG is a critical piece in the
larger aim of our work to build our glorious diversity—a strong, diverse, and dynamic
Advancement team that will make it possible for the UW to tackle the most crucial challenges of our time. Change isn’t going to come overnight. An initiative like this is built with
intentionality and care; this is a marathon, not a sprint. I look forward to the success that will
surely result from this collaboration."
Connie Kravas
Vice President for Advancement
University of Washington