“I wish I could build a more diverse board, recruit more diverse leaders, and hire a more diverse advancement staff, but there just aren’t enough qualified people.” 


In our work with advancement leaders and nonprofit organizations across the country, we hear this misinformed phrase every day – in every sector and in every region. In “Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Advancement: Changing Behaviors and Outcomes,” ALG’s new report written by Angelique Grant, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, and Ron Schiller, Founding Partner, in partnership with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, we draw on recent research and on experience to demonstrate that this statement is both incorrect and a major barrier to progress. 

Healthcare is paying close attention to disparities associated with diverse populations, including discussions about risk factors, access to health, and the need for new, diverse strategies for delivery of quality healthcare. Success in philanthropic engagement of diverse populations will require similarly focused attention—on awareness, access, and diverse strategies for recruiting talent and engaging the broadest possible spectrum of potential volunteers and donors. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How diversity and inclusion lead to better business outcomes.
  • Ways to start having brave conversations about diversity with your teams as a leader.
  • Tools to ensure you’re creating sustainable change in your organization.

Download the white paper:

White Paper | Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Advancement: Changing Behaviors and Outcomes


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