Do you want to be part of an organization that values your diversity?

Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with leading institutions in a sustained talent management effort to enhance the professional growth and career success of current and aspiring advancement professionals from diverse, under-represented, and non-traditional backgrounds.

These institutions are committed not only to hiring diverse candidates, but to supporting you as well, with comprehensive onboarding and training programs, as well as one-on-one career mapping plans, career resources, and growth opportunities. And they are hiring!

Diversity Talent Partnership

Our Shared Commitment

  • Welcoming under-represented and aspiring advancement professionals into supportive and empowering conversations about their career aspirations and building careers in philanthropy;
  • Recruiting and retaining advancement teams that reflect and respond to the diversity of that institution’s student body, alumni body, donors, potential donors, and other key constituents essential to success in advancement efforts;
  • Creating an environment in which staff from diverse backgrounds receive the support they need to succeed in their positions, grow professionally, and thrive personally;
  • Providing onboarding and mentoring to recruited candidates that supports their integration into advancement teams and assists those teams in realizing the full potential contribution of each new team member; and
  • Regularly communicating among partner institutions about opportunities, best practices, and learning, and engaging with others in advancement who share our commitment to building highly successful practices in recruitment and retention of diverse teams.
All Stars Project Roundtable
All Stars Project | Credit: Ron Glassman

The first time I spoke with LaTonya Foster, I knew she was something special. She came with a ringing endorsement from our ALG consultant and excelled through our interview process. LaTonya’s hire was a direct result of the Diversity Talent Partnership (DTP) with ALG. The relationship built over the years with ALG and The Ohio State University’s Office of Advancement recruitment team led to her referral.


ALG spent time getting to know our people, environment, values and priorities so that when talent comes their way, they know enough about our shop to point them in our direction. We could not be more proud to have an environment that aligns with the goals of the DTP – one in which staff from diverse backgrounds receive the support they need to succeed, grow, and thrive. LaTonya is still new in her role, but we can’t wait to see her impact on Ohio State and higher education advancement.


Stephanie Mizer, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and Management and Chief Diversity Officer, The Ohio State University

Working with ALG’s Diversity Talent Partnership brought me ease and focus during my job search. I wanted to land a role in an organization that not only hired me for my skills but also, and more importantly, embraced my unique qualities as a person. ALG helped me to identify organizations that practiced diversity, equity, and inclusion as core organizational values in their everyday business.


ALG motivated me to take a holistic approach to my job search, focusing on my leadership style and skills along with professional development and growth opportunities. This changed my whole perspective on searching for a leadership role. The process was inclusive and mutually beneficial from beginning to end. And lucky for me, the end was landing a senior position on OSU’s Advancement Team. I am excited to be part of a Big Ten school that has a rich legacy of excellence and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and OSU!


LaTonya Foster, placed as Senior Director of Prospect Development at The Ohio State University

LaTonya Foster DTP OSU Senior Director of Prospect Research

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