An organization’s capacity to reflect and respond to the rich diversity of our society profoundly impacts its ability to fulfill its mission. At Aspen Leadership Group (ALG), we believe that shaping an organization’s culture will in turn transform its engagement and overall fundraising. Working with ALG, your team will explore their internal and external roles and responsibilities as they relate to diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), with a specific lens toward nonprofit development work. From how unconscious bias shows up in advancement, to hiring a diverse front-line fundraising team, to improving donor engagement, ALG will help start a robust, encouraging dialogue that moves your team’s DEI goals from awareness to action.

Our practice is led by a certified unconscious bias trainer and backed by nationally respected experts in diversity, equity, inclusion, and women’s philanthropy. We can work with your leadership and team — not just as facilitators, but as long-term strategic thought partners — to build a roadmap customized to your organization’s unique needs.

We will work with you to develop and deliver customized awareness-building programs and assessments designed to help you strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in your advancement team.


Awareness-building activities include workshops for your boards, senior administrative and programmatic leaders, and advancement team members on:
  • Understanding the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as essential components of a successful advancement program
  • National DEI recruitment and retention trends in talent management specific to advancement
  • Understanding of how to work with diverse donors to clarify their philanthropic values, vision and voice
  • Recognition of how certain demographics and psychographics influence diverse constituent engagement, and giving
  • Awareness of cultural competencies and differences in communication styles across diverse groups, as well as appropriate adjustments
  • Understanding of key obstacles to success in recruitment, retention, and performance – including advancement-focused unconscious bias, microaggressions, and sexual harassment workshops designed for frontline fundraisers

Awareness-building typically involves one to two days on site, sometimes in a retreat framework, plus prep and follow up discussions.


Assessment of your organization’s capacity to strengthen DEI in your team and program will include some or all of the following areas:
  • Landscape review of peer organizations’ DEI programs
  • Design and analysis of climate survey instruments and focus groups to gather input from your internal and external stakeholders regarding diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Identification of key assets, as well as obstacles at play in your organization
  • Facilitation of a diverse task force of volunteers and staff to gather input on the potential for growing diverse philanthropy at your organization
  • Examining and conducting a diversity, equity and inclusion audit of your policies, procedures and overall environment
  • Identification of characteristics of the most successful DEI efforts nationwide and analysis of how your organization currently performs against these ideal behaviors and approaches; this will include evaluation of the commitment of leadership and resources required for success
Assessments typically involve several days of work both on and off-site.


Please contact Angelique Grant,, for more information and for a detailed, customized proposal.

Drawing on lessons learned through assessment, we will work with you to develop a specific and detailed aspirational action plan that will close the gaps between your current status and the vision of where you would like to be. The plan will present the greatest opportunities for impact and include specific recommendations for building a commitment to DEI efforts and overcoming internal and external obstacles. The plan may include:

  • Strategic planning and integration of DEI practices that expand the value of cultural diversity within your teams and toward your supporters to drive change and growth in your organization
  • Design and implementation of diversity and inclusion programs, including effective recruitment and retention practices, unconscious bias training for search committees, strategic inclusive hiring plans, onboarding, and mentoring and sponsorship programs
  • Hands-on workshops with teams to design the specific adaptations for your organization to achieve your strategy
  • Training for team members in applying current knowledge of effective engagement and fundraising strategies with diverse volunteers and donors. Driving appropriate change to achieve your goals in all areas of the donor lifecycle, from identification, to interest-building, to involvement, to investment discussions, to stewardship
  • Counsel for CEOs and senior management, as well as individual and team coaching, to ensure successful implementation of desired behavioral adaptations
  • Assistance in establishing and supporting an internal and external DEI volunteer council that’s prepared to implement and sustain effective work in this area

Additional recruitment-specific action may include:

  • Designing a comprehensive outreach strategy to engage diverse advancement professionals and strengthen your talent pipeline
  • Designing processes to continue building an inclusive and supportive environment which will enable you to attract and retain a diverse advancement team
  • Recommendations for new approaches to increasing diversity in boards and senior management

We will also provide ongoing consultation as you drive change and growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion, through on-site, video, phone, and email interaction as required and desired.

Please contact Angelique Grant,, for more information and for a detailed, customized proposal.

Aspen Leadership Group focuses its leader-to-leader philanthropic culture consulting on three areas:

All three require organization-wide commitment to changes in established behaviors and approaches. All three present opportunities for transformational rather than simply incremental growth in engagement and fundraising. And they are interdependent: success in any one of these areas supports and is enhanced by success in the others.

Our Approach: Moving leaders through Awareness to Assessment to Aspiration and Action.

On-site workshop or workshops for the advancement team, advancement leaders, academic/programmatic leaders, administrative leaders, and/or board members, coupled with one-on-one or small-group meetings with key leaders and decision makers.

Outcomes: Shared knowledge and understanding of the national landscape, relevant research, and implications for effective engagement and fundraising work, together with shared commitment to change and growth.


On-site, video, and phone consultation, to discover and explore organizational strengths; values; false assumptions and unconscious behaviors that impede progress; gaps; potential; and readiness for change and growth.

Outcomes: A written report addressing strengths, opportunities, and recommended behavioral adaptations and resource allocation, customized to your team and organization.

Aspiration and Action:

On-site, video, phone consultation, and workshops, to develop and implement aspirational, intentional, and measurable plans for improvement.

Outcomes: A written plan followed by guided implementation.

Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with several leading institutions – the University of Florida, Brown University, William & Mary, The Ohio State University, and the University of Texas at Austin – in a groundbreaking talent management effort to enhance the professional growth and career success of current and aspiring advancement professionals from diverse, under-represented, and non-traditional backgrounds.

These institutions are committed not only to hiring diverse candidates, but to supporting them with comprehensive onboarding and training programs, as well as one-on-one career mapping plans, career resources, and growth opportunities.

ALG welcomes nonprofit institutions to partner with us to recruit, support, and retain diverse talent, including organizations in higher education, healthcare, and arts and culture, as well as community services and membership organizations, foundations, institutes, NGOs, and more. Get more information; if your organization is interested in becoming a partner, contact Angelique Grant, Senior Consultant.

We believe that an organization’s capacity to reflect and respond to the rich diversity of our society profoundly impacts its ability to fulfill its mission. Accordingly, we are committed to fostering and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, both in our own company and in partnership with our clients and the individuals we serve.


Our Commitment and Action around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We’re not just talking about diversity; we’re doing something about it. We are committed to this in three ways:

  • We focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) of the workforce in the nonprofit sector.
  • We collaborate with inclusive organizations through the Diversity Talent Partnership to expand diverse networks and learning around DEI.
  • We help fundraisers reexamine established practices to engage more diverse potential donors


Recent Contributions

Produced in collaboration with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, ALG’s Angelique Grant, Ph.D. and Ron Schiller authored the white paper, “Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Advancement: Changing Behaviors and Outcomes.” The white paper offers recent research and recommendations for all advancement professionals on how new strategies for recruiting talent and engaging the broadest spectrum of potential donors will be required for successful philanthropic engagement.


Learn more about our DEI efforts.

What Our Partners Are Saying

ALG has been a great partner. They have real relationships with a wide network of diverse leaders and they care deeply about their career success. ALG partnered with us to create a strong, culturally responsive recruitment strategy to attract a diverse pipeline of talent that also incorporated an intentional approach to retention. They designed diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and training that fostered dialogue and engagement on our team in a safe, supportive environment. ALG's commitment to supporting our philanthropy efforts through providing us with insights about the current climate of our industry has helped us prepare for future initiatives. This has allowed us to build a stronger foundation for our team.Jeanne M. Pecha, Vice President of Advancement Services and Development Support, Brown University
At The University of Texas at Austin, we say that what starts here changes the world. As our world changes, we know that our goals and the amazing things we make happen for our students, faculty, and donors, are only achievable when we have a diverse team at the table to bring forward new ideas and engage the broadest spectrum of donors. We are proud to partner with ALG to take a leadership role in increasing diversity in the advancement sector, and we share ALG's commitment to diversity and inclusion in advancement to create real and lasting change.Walt Edwards, Assistant Vice President for Talent Development, The University of Texas at Austin
Kathleen Loehr is, quite simply, the expert in women’s philanthropy and she worked with me and our executive leadership team in advancement to design and execute a first-rate training for our entire team. Kathleen’s training model helped our advancement leadership first to learn and apply a highly effective whole-systems model and then for all of our advancement staff to commit to a well understood and agreed upon direction for women’s philanthropy at the university, together with a systemic, detailed plan of action to achieve this. Matthew T. Lambert, Vice President for University Advancement, William & Mary
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