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Tonya Malik-Carson is a seasoned professional with two decades of expertise in higher education and nonprofit leadership, advancement, marketing, and communications. Her extensive experience reflects a rich tapestry of knowledge and strategic acumen, making her a valuable asset in driving impactful change and fostering meaningful relationships. She holds an MFA in LeCoq-based physical theater from the London International School of the Performing Arts, an MBA from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Naropa University.

Professionally, she spent a decade in marketing and public relations in the non-profit arts sector prior to her twelve-year tenure in advancement at Colorado State University. Artistically, she is a divisor of new work, a lover of ensemble collaboration, and a musician, and she has been a part of numerous collaborative, original works as a writer, director, and performer. She has taught children's workshops at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and advises on collaborative projects as a director and teacher of physical storytelling methods. Her unique blend of business acuity, artistic creativity, and diverse educational background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning, team building and leadership, and innovative storytelling.

Tonya's multifaceted expertise, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to collaboration and relationships make her a transformative leader and a driving force in university advancement. During her time at Colorado State University, she led the College of Liberal Arts development team to new heights by partnering with the Dean to develop and execute a long-term strategic plan, doubling the College’s fundraising average, securing the largest gift in College history, and exceeding the State Your Purpose campaign goal by closing the campaign at 114%. She is a respected leader in University Advancement, actively participating in strategic planning, training, and organizational development as a member of the leadership team.

Tonya is a Colorado native and enjoys traversing the Rocky Mountains with her husband and two Old English Sheepdogs, Mighty Quinn and Andy. She brings creativity to her everyday life through varied interests such as vegan baking, learning new instruments, and renovating a 1975 Airstream.

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