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Do your President and Deans Know How Many Days a Year you have to Fundraise?

Do your President and Deans know how many days a year you have to fundraise? I bet they will be surprised by the answer. Recently a senior university advancement leader wanted to know how best to educate the deans about how limited the fundraisers time was to actually do the work of raising money. So how many days in a year do you actually have to meet prospects and raise money?

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Campus Woman Professional

Ditch The Niche in Women’s Giving

In the last three decades, many university advancement departments thoughtfully designed dedicated women’s “programs” or “initiatives.” These efforts responded to women’s preferences to connect and collaborate, as well as to be engaged before they are asked. Some resembled giving circles, while others focused on placing women in leadership positions or on connecting alumnae. However, a common thread united – and limited – these programs: they all were siloed, niche programs that artificially separated women’s giving from larger development efforts.

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Listening: The Key That Unlocks Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Successful organizations in the modern economy require leaders to access their rational/analytical, AND emotional capabilities.So, how do we reconnect with and increase our innate capacity to understand and share the feelings of another? The first step is to go back to basics and retrain ourselves to listen.

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