In our conversations over the years as both advancement professionals and consultants, we have heard a familiar refrain. Nonprofit leaders know that they need to engage more diverse constituents and hire and lead more diverse teams. But often they are frustrated by lack of progress and unsure of how to fully incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices into their culture, operations, and fundraising and volunteer efforts. For professionals from diverse backgrounds, they are not merely frustrated — they are exhausted — at the stubborn lack of movement in this area. 

We wanted to change that. 

We are pleased to announce that our book, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Advancement: A Guide to Strengthening Engagement and Fundraising Through Inclusion, is now available in the CASE Bookstore. As the first comprehensive book to explore DEI in advancement, it is designed to be an additional resource to further the conversation on DEI. More importantly, we hope that it will serve as a guide for nonprofit organizations to move from awareness of DEI to behavioral change and sustained action

The book combines our deep knowledge of DEI practices with interviews from nonprofit and advancement leaders to offer strategies for building inclusive cultures and inclusive teams. It includes the new “DEI Maturity Model for Advancement” which outlines key benchmarks for an organization to fully realize their DEI objectives, and offers strategies for: 

  • Assessing your organization’s current environment for DEI, including obstacles to progress
  • Implementing a culture of DEI
  • Building a more diverse talent pipeline
  • Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining diverse staff
  • Nurturing diversity in teams across the organization
  • Integrating diversity into fundraising campaigns

We are grateful to the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) for committing to publishing the book in 2020 at a critical moment in our country and in the field of philanthropy. This book would not have been possible without countless contributions from our colleagues from every corner of the nonprofit sector, and we wish to thank them below. 

Please share with us how you utilize the book and what better practices emerge from your organization’s work; together we can reshape our profession to uphold our highest ideals and maximize the impact of our missions.  

Angelique Grant and Ron Schiller

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Advancement: A Guide to Strengthening Engagement and Fundraising Through Inclusion

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Content from the book informs several professional development seminars from Aspen Leadership Group. Learn more about upcoming seminars and register individuals or teams.

Reading the book is one important step you can take in moving from awareness to action on DEI. If your organization needs a strategic thought partner to assess your culture of inclusion and philanthropy, recruitment and retention, and fundraising and volunteer engagement, Aspen Leadership Group offers executive search and consulting services to support your goals. ALG has taken an inclusive approach to executive search since our founding and we are the go-to firm for incorporating DEI into the search process. We also offer professional development programs, audits and assessments, and strategic DEI plans through our DEI consulting. Contact us to share your needs and inquire about services.

Thank You to Contributors

Cat Comley Adams
Floyd Akins
Ashley Buderus
Birgit Burton
Tina Chong
David Chow
Chris Clarke
Alyssia Coates
Love Collins
Chloe Corcoran
Jon Derek Croteau
Robin Cummings
Sue Cunningham
LeKita Scott Dawkins
Nadina Deigh
Chandra Dennis
Jesse Flores
Colleen Flynn
Tamika Franklin
Durice Galloway
Felicia Garcia-Hartstein
Lisa Georgi

Clive Gillinson
Pedro Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez
Steve Grafton
Don Hasseltine
Peter Hayashida
Anthony Heaven
Brooke Hendrickson
Rochelle Jackson
Charleon Jeffries
Yolanda Johnson
Gloria Ko
Ashley Jones Lawrence
Wei Loon Leong
Pamela Lewis
Kathleen Loehr
David McClain
Rickey McCurry
Kevin McDonald
Celeste Mendoza
Latasia Priest
Debbie Ratliff

Tamara Rogers
Fardin Sanai
Shelley Semmler
Laura Shields
Bret Silver
Karen Sims
Alisa Smallwood
Jenna Smith
Robert Smith
Curtis Spence
Amy Storey
Ely Santoni Tuero
Janzell Luika Kim Tutor
Michael Vann
Jeff Vessels
Heather Vucetin
Justin Ware
Tyrell Warren-Burnett
Jeanette Rivera-Watts
Will Whiting
Carla Willis
Ed Yim

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